Sun Ra

Sun Ra

SUN RA SUNDAYS by Rodger G. Coleman

Linked below (as pdf) are two compilations—one by me, one by Sam Byrd—of blog posts about SUN RA recordings authored by RODGER G. COLEMAN from 2008 to 2015. These were originally posted each Sunday at Coleman's blog contains hundreds of posts on a myriad of music subjects; we've harvested the Ra content.

To preserve and circulate this "Saturn research," I compiled a chronological text-only edition in late 2018, whereas Sam sequenced Rodger's posts in discographical order with blog graphics. (Sam had actually compiled his several years ago but it had not been widely circulated.) My edition contains prefatory comments at the top, as well as a foreword by Rodger and an introduction by Sam.

The vast Sun Ra knowledge base covered in Coleman's posts remains vital and historically valid. We wanted to share with Ra scholars, fans, and cognoscenti. You are invited to download, read, and freely circulate these files.

Irwin Chusid
on behalf of Rodger Coleman and Sam Byrd